If you have any problems playing Bloodline Champions we'll do our best to help out!

Using the pre-defined questions helps us handle issues faster, so if any of the pre-defined alternatives describe your issue, please use the appropriate form and we can help you faster!

Also remember, those who work with customer support are also people. Be nice, it’s not fun helping rude people. We’ll handle rude messages last.

Common issues:

I do not have my Account Connection / Transfer Key

I have connected the wrong account to my Steam account

  1. Each Steam account has a limited number of retries if the wrong account have been connected. Just click "Connect Account" on the start screen again. You can see how many attempts you have left, and you will also get a small preview of the in-game profile before actually connecting.
  2. Go to this Support Form.

I cannot start the game / connect to the server

If you’re experiencing some other issue