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Weekend Event and Open Super Cups

Posted: 2013-05-23 By: ProgrammerarN - Permalink - Forum Post

200% Experience and Bloodcoins Weekend
Play the Bloodline Champions this weekend* and gain 100% Extra Experience and Blood Coins for your matches! Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain enough Blood Coins to purchase the items you desire, or unlock those final traitpoints!
* Weekend Duration = (Friday 24/05 12:00 UTC - Monday 27/05 12:00 UTC)

50% off on all Bloodlines
Also, for this weekend* only, you can purchase Bloodlines in the Marketplace for 50% less Funcom Points!
* Weekend Duration = (Friday 24/05 12:00 UTC - Monday 27/05 12:00 UTC)

Open Super Cups
Due to the lack of tournaments on weekends, we've now rescheduled the Open Super Cups for Sundays. (EU: 18:00 UTC and US: 23:00 UTC) We hope that this will bring something to do ingame during the weekends.
Every participant that qualifies in these tournaments will now also receive a reward of 1000 Bloodcoins.

Spring is here!

Posted: 2013-04-10 By: Tau - Permalink - Forum Post

Spring is here!
Spring is here and the snow is soon a long lost memory again! Flowers will sprout and warmth will spread across the land.

To celebrate the very welcomed upcoming spring we’re running a Spring sale! You can find a bunch of stuff: Bloodlines, outfits, weapons, emotes and services at a discounted funcom price! Visit the ingame store for more information!

Tournament schedule
On top of that we’ve adjusted the tournament schedule to the following:
Mondays: 2v2 Open Cup EU and US
Wednesdays: 3v3 Open Cup EU and US
Fridays: 3v3 Open Cup EU and US.

Ignite the Flame qualifiers will still be hosted every other week, you can read more about that tournament at

We also feel the need to highlight these awesome Bloodline Champions cosplay outfits, made by some Russian players and showed at Animatrix-con 2013.

All three
Images from Deviantart user Serpina-s


Patch 2.7.2

Posted: 2013-03-05 By: ProgrammerarN - Permalink - Forum Post

• Maximum Hitpoints reduced to 1750 from 1850
• Recovery Health reduced to 550 from 600

Ferocious Strike
• Time for second cast reduced to 1.5s from 2s.
• Second jump is now spellblockable.

Headhunt (F)
• Damage per Scythe increased to 180 from 160.

Open Wound
• Damage per tick increased to 20 from 10.
• Duration decreased to 2s from 4s.

X-Strike (M2)
• Energy Gain reduced to 5% from 6%.

Haste (Spacebar)
• Damage reduction reduced to 25% from 40%

Wind Bomb (R)
• Wind Bomb range reduced to 110 from 120.

Shrink (R)
• Casttime reduced to 0.15s from 0.25s.

Hail Storm (Q)
• Duration reduced to 1.4s from 1.6s.

Eye of the Storm (E)
• Damage per second increased to 40 from 30.

Aurora (M2 EX)
• Main Healing increased to 230 from 220.
• Secondary Healing increased to 90 from 60.

Wilds Vengeance (F)
• Incap duration reduced to 0.8s from 1s.

Claw Flurry(R)
• Cooldown increased to 9s from 8s.

Rush (Spacebar)
• Cooldown increased to 8.5s from 7.5s

Aftershock (F)
• Damage per shockwave increased to 170 from 160.

Revitalizing Wind (EX E)
• Health per tick reduced to 30 from 40.

Molten Surge (Q)
• Minimum damage increased to 120 from 100.

Fissure (E)
• Damage increased to 130 from 120.

Spirit Ward (R)
• Projectile velocity increased to 400 from 320.

• Placement matches now gives less rating.
• Rating gains has been slighty modified.

Happy valentine's day!

Posted: 2013-02-14 By: Tau - Permalink - Forum Post

Happy valentine's day everybody!

Make sure to log into the game to receive a little gift of appreciation from us.

Tonight we’ll run a valentines Tournament with some lovely prizes. The EU Tournament starts at 18:00 UTC and the US Tournament starts at 00:00 UTC (15/2) !

The prizes are as following:

1st place
1000 Gold Tokens
Valentines Medallion
Box of Shockolate (Stormcaller Weapon)
One Gold Outfit of choice

2nd Place
800 Gold Tokens
Valentines Medallion
Box of Shockolate (Stormcaller Weapon)
One Gold Weapon of choice

3rd - 4th
600 Gold Tokens
Valentines Medallion
Box of Shockolate (Stormcaller Weapon)
One Armoured or Gender change outfit of choice

Spoiler: show
5th - 8th
500 Gold Tokens
Valentines Medallion
A Enmi Avatar of choice

9th - 16th
450 Gold Tokens
Valentines Medallion
A Gender Change Avatar of choice

17th - 32nd
400 Gold Tokens
Choose between:
Forever Alone Avatar
Valentines Day Avatar

During this lovely week you can also find the Valentines medallion and Box of Shockolate (Stormcaller weapon) in the marketplace!

Happy valentines, lots of love! <3

Russian players migrating

Posted: 2013-01-31 By: Tau - Permalink - Forum Post

Russian players migrating
As you might have heard, the russian Bloodline Champions servers were taken down last Friday. After this, we received all information needed to make it possible for russian players to transfer their account over to our servers. After some work and a lot of testing we got the system to transfer up and running. Yesterday the e-mails on how to transfer went out to all russian players and as you might have noticed they have started to transfer and play on the EU/US servers.
Make sure to make them feel welcome!

To welcome them we'll run a Blood Coin boost weekend!
Starting tomorrow (Friday) at 12:00 UTC and all the way until Monday 12:00 UTC, you'll earn additional 50% Blood Coins while playing!

Ignite the Flame by!

Posted: 2013-01-15 By: Tau - Permalink - Forum Post

Ignite the Flame
The active community website driven by some very dedicated BLC players: is starting a tournament series called "Ignite the Flame", which will start this Sunday.

The series will consist of a main tournament and a qualifier every other week, where the winning team of the main Tournament brings home $90.

The Main Tournament will consist of 8 teams. The matches will be played in a best of 9 rounds on 3 maps in single-elimination. The top 4 teams will secure themselves a spot for the next "Ignite the Flame" while the losers fall out and will have to qualify again. The finals are in a best out of 5 rounds in best out of 5 maps format.

The qualification tournaments will run in-game and the top 4 teams qualify for the upcoming Sundays Main tournament where they play against the top 4 from the previous Main Tournament.

The first qualifiers will be played this Sunday (20th of January) in-game, so don't miss it!
Since it's the first qualifier, the top 8 teams will qualify.

The first main tournament will be held on Sunday the 27th of January and will be casted by no other than Auguste "Semmler" Massonnat. Co-casting with him are Skrff and Haridean. The live stream can be found on the following link:

For rules and more information to join the tournament, visit
You can also find the information on Reddit

Round Table
On top of that they also plan to host this years first round table on the 24th of January.
The round table will be hosted by Haridean and the guests will be: Choperius, Arbaris, Lovesheep and Entarion. You can find the live stream for the round table here:

Happy B-day BLC!

Posted: 2013-01-11 By: Tau - Permalink - Forum Post

On Sunday BLC turns 2 years old! We released the game on January 13th 2011 and here we are, still, after 2 years!

We here at the studio are really happy to celebrate this with you and would like to thank you all for the time you spent playing our game! We hope you get a lot of good matches the upcoming year as well!

To show our appreciation, make sure to log in to the game to receive your BLC b-day gift!


To celebrate a bit extra, we’re of course running a celebratory tournament on Sunday! Make sure to join for a chance to win some fine prizes!

On top of all that we’ll be running a boost weekend for both XP and Blood Coins! 50% extra gain, all the way until Monday 12:00 UTC!

As some of you have noticed, we have not posted a weekly yet this year. That is because we’ll not run weeklies anymore, we tested it all 2012 and now feel that we rather post when we feel we have something special to share. Like this celebration! Woho, BLC 2 years! \o/

Weekly #52, last of the year!

Posted: 2012-12-29 By: Tau - Permalink - Forum Post

Last weekly of the year! A bit late, real sorry for that.

Happy New Years!
Since New Years is coming up we’ll of course run a New Year Celebration tournament.
On New Years day, 1st of January at 13:00 UTC (EU) and 18:00 UTC (US).

The fancy prizes you can win in this tournament are as follows:

Spoiler: show
Choose a Gold Outfit

Fireworks Medallion
Trollface Medallion
Flower Power Medallion
Hearth Stone Medallion

Replay Pass
Five (5) Replay Showcase Slots
One (1) Team Slot
One (1) Trait Specialization Slot

7 day Blood Coin Boost
10,000 Blood Coins

Fireworks Medallion
Trollface Medallion
Flower Power Medallion
Hearth Stone Medallion

Replay Pass
Five (5) Replay Showcase Slots
One (1) Team Slot
One (1) Trait Specialization Slot

3 day Blood Coin Boost
5,000 Blood Coins

Fireworks Medallion

Replay Pass
Five (5) Replay Showcase Slots
One (1) Team Slot
One (1) Trait Specialization Slot

3 Day Blood Coin Boost
3,000 Blood Coins

Replay Pass
Five (5) Replay Showcase Slots
One (1) Team Slot

1 day Blood Coin Boost
1,500 Blood Coins

Russian Servers
As you might have heard, Innova will close down the Russian Bloodline Champions servers in late January 2013. The Russian accounts will be transferable over to EU/US servers, keeping all Bloodlines and items.
More information and details will be available closer to the take down of the russian servers.

Weekly #51!

Posted: 2012-12-20 By: Tau - Permalink - Forum Post

A bit late weekly due to some holiday celebration with the office yesterday.

The winter holidays are coming up and I imagine a lot of you have some time off from school and work!

To celebrate we’re running some big sales and some extra special tournaments!

First, the Winter Holiday Tournament! Which runs on the 23rd of December at 18:00 UTC on EU and 23:00 UTC on US.

Prizes in the Winter Holiday Tournament are:

Spoiler: show
Holiday Thorn, Grimrog outfit, or 15.000 Blood Coins
One of each Perfect Gem
All Winter Weapons
Seven (7) day Blood Coin boost
Gold Title: Winter Winner 2012
Snow Flakes Medallion

One of each Perfect Gem
Choose a Winter Weapon
Seven (7) day Blood Coin boost
Silver Title: Winter Celebrator 2012
Snow Flakes Medallion

One of each Perfect Gem
Choose a Winter Weapon
Three (3) day Blood Coin boost
Bronze Title: Winter Celebrator 2012

Choose a Winter Weapon
One (1) day Blood Coin boost
BronzeTitle: Winter Celebrator 2012

So don’t miss out!

The sales will continue until the beginning of next year and you can find the following:
30% off on Blood Coin prices on Bloodlines!
Armoured outfits 70% off!
Celebrate emotes 60% off!
Selected range of gold weapons 60% off!
There are also a bunch of services such as XP boosts, teams slots and replay passes at 30% off!

As mentioned in previous weekly, Spektrum 5.0 will take place in southern Sweden in the beginning of next year! Make sure to visit if you’re close by! We’ll as usual support with BLC giveaways for all attendees and and some bigger in-game prizes for the tournament.
For more information, visit:

Happy holidays!

Weekly #50

Posted: 2012-12-12 By: Tau - Permalink - Forum Post

Season change!
Today is the last day of the season, tomorrow morning we’ll take down the servers for some maintenance and season change.
As we told you last week, there will be no grade reset this season.

We’ll kick off the new season with a Blood Coin Boost weekend!

Vote for MiF!
The end of 2012 is getting near, and Razer has a site up where you can vote on your favourite Razer team of the year and you can of course find the BLC team: Meanwhile in Finland so make sure to visit the site and show some support!

Winter Holiday Gifts - Go get, tomorrow!
The winter Holidays are soon upon us, and to celebrate with you we’ll give you all some gifts, starting from tomorrow! So make sure to log in!

I’d also like to hype this very active BLC fansite:
If you want tips, guides and other BLC related information from community members, make sure to check it out!

Weekly #49

Posted: 2012-12-05 By: Tau - Permalink - Forum Post

December is here and Sweden is already completely covered with snow so we closed our biggest airport today! GG! You’d think we’d know how to handle snow by now....

New season starting next week. With the poll from last week and the discussion that followed we’ve decided to not reset grades for this season change.

There’s a LAN in the southern parts of Sweden we’ve sponsored a bunch of times before and now they’re about to host their fifth event. Spektrum 5.0 takes place in Lund 2-5 of January, if you’re nearby make sure to grab a seat! We plan to make sure they have some giveaways for you guys if you do!

You can get Cursed and Sacrificial weapons at 50% discount this week. These sets hold weapons for the following Bloodlines: Metal Warden, Grimrog, Gunner, Glutton, Ravener, Vanguard, Igniter, Harbinger, Head Hunter and Blood Priest

Weekly #48

Posted: 2012-11-28 By: Tau - Permalink - Forum Post

December is soon here and that also means that the end of the current season is getting near. The season rewards got released this week, go in-game to see them.

Grade reset

There’s a hot topic that always occur at a season change: grade reset. The last few seasons we’ve done a grade reset to keep it consistent. But to be honest, we’re still not sure what is the best option. Reset or no reset. So we thought we’d give you the chance to let us know what your opinion on the subject is. We are not promising anything, we just want to see the results before we make a decision. So if you have an opinion on the subject, please use this thread to answer the poll and discuss.


This week you can find some new runic weapons available for tokens: Astronomer, Nomad, Ranid Assassin and Guardian.

You can also get the Rookie outfits at 40% sale!

Weekly #47 - Thanksgiving Week

Posted: 2012-11-21 By: Tau - Permalink - Forum Post

As you might have noticed we've started Black Friday Sales early, but you'll see some extra exclusive sales running during Friday!

All gender change outfits 60% off!
All Taunt emotes 50% off!
Selected Gold Weapons 60% off!
Team slots, XP boosts, Replay support, Replay Highlight slots and Trait Pages 30% off!

Boost Weekend
To celebrate a bit extra we'll also run a dual boost weekend, you will gain an additional 50% XP and Blood Coins all weekend! The boost weekend starts at 12:00 UTC on Friday 23rd and lasts until 12:00 on Monday 26th.

Community Campaign
One of the most known BLC players, Entarion, have started a campaign on Reddit to activate the community a bit. One thing he's working on is starting up a new Roundtable. If you're interested in seeing what he's up to and want to know what you can do to help, take a look here.

Weekly #46

Posted: 2012-11-14 By: Tau - Permalink - Forum Post

Team slots
As you might have noticed we’ve re-added the Blood Coin price on Team slots. As we mentioned in the previous update the community seem to feel that the problem to acquire in any other way than real money is a big issue that prevents the game from moving forward and players from completely enjoying their experience.
They are now available in the marketplace at the price of 6800 Blood Coins.

New release!
Astronomer Cosmonaut Outfit!
You can also get Metal Warden at 30% discount and all her accessories at 50% off!

Weekly #45

Posted: 2012-11-07 By: Tau - Permalink - Forum Post

Team slots
We have read a bunch of posts regarding the problem with acquiring additional team slots and that you feel that you require a lot of team slots to not have to disband teams all the time to play with friends in the ladder. As a free to play user this seem to be a big issue since you only get a few slots on a free account, but on top of that it seem like player with editions also feel they have a need for even more slots. We’ll look into the problem to see what we can do to make this less of a hassle for you.

This week you can get the Armoured Outfits at a 40% discount!

Midweek sale: Afro Ranid Emote - 70% off between Tuesday to Thursday!

Weekly #44

Posted: 2012-10-31 By: Tau - Permalink - Forum Post

Today is THE day, it's Halloween!
So we're running a special Halloween tournament with some fancy Halloween prizes!
Get a chance to win pumpkin outfits and the halloween themed troll medallions! Place at 32 or better in the tournament gets you a reward!

The Halloween tournament replaces the usual Wednesday tournament and is a 3 vs 3 tournament, EU one starting at 18:00 UTC and the US one at 23:00 UTC.

Hosting Center in the stormy US
For you who read the post about possible issues with the servers, we can let you know that the hosting center is now back on regular power again so things are running as usual.

Steam 1 year sale!
Today is the last day of the Steam 1 year sale on the two new packages! So last chance to get them on sale!
Get the Beginners Pack 50% discount at 4.99 instead of 9.99!
Get the Supreme Pack 60% discount at 9.99 instead of 24.99!

This week you can get Thorn at 30% off and all his accessories at 40% off! He's about the scariest we got!

If you've missed, the Halloween Troll medallions are active for purchase again until next Wednesday! So don't miss them!

And since it's Halloween we're running a midweek sale on the Undead Harbinger outfit, get it at 75% off!

Happy Halloween! <3

Bloodgate and US Game Servers, possible issue

Posted: 2012-10-30 By: Tau - Permalink - Forum Post

As you all probably know, there’s a storm roaming the US east coast. The hosting center where the Bloodgate and US Game Servers are hosted is located on the east coast in New Jersey. Just like a lot of other parts of the affected area the hosting center is currently running on backup generators. As it looks now they have good faith that they will be able to sustain until the regular power gets back online, but there is a chance that they will run out of backup power which will cause our servers to shut down.

So if you are not able to connect to the game later today/tomorrow this will likely be the issue and they’ll do what they can to get things up and running as soon as possible.

One Year on Steam Celebration - New Packs Available - Sale!

Posted: 2012-10-25 By: khct - Permalink - Forum Post

This weekend it's one year since we released Bloodline Champions on Steam! This we'll celebrate with two new packages made available on Steam, and a nice Sale on these packages!

>> The Bloodline Champions - Supreme Pack <<
EUR 24.99 - 60% Off the first week!

The pack Includes:
Replay Pass
Three (3) additional Team slots
15.000 Blood Coins

You also get:
Wave Emote for each Bloodline in the pack
7 Day Blood Coin Boost
7 Day Experience Boost
The title: The Supreme
To choose one of five (5) Avatars

>> Click here to get it! (Web Link) <<
>> Click here to get it! (Steam Application Link) <<

>> The Bloodline Champions - Beginners Pack <<
EUR 9.99 - 50% Off the first week!

The pack Includes:
Replay Pass
One (1) additional Team slot
10.000 Blood Coins

You also get:
3 Day Blood Coin Boost
3 Day Experience Boost
The title: The Superior
To choose one of 5 avatars

>> Click here to get it! (Web Link) <<
>> Click here to get it! (Steam Application Link) <<

XP Boost Weekend
To celebrate a bit extra we’re also running a XP Boost weekend! You will gain an additional 50% Experienceall weekend!
Between 12:00 UTC on Friday October 26th until 12:00 UTC on Monday October 29th the experience gain from games will be increased by 50%.

Weekly #43!

Posted: 2012-10-24 By: Tau - Permalink - Forum Post

Autumn is here! It’s getting colder but all the leaves are turning into warm colors of orange and red! <3 End of October is almost here and that means as you all know: Halloween!

From today you’ll receive this years Halloween treat if you log into the game!
The Pumpkin Outfits are also available again, together with the Halloween Troll Medallions!

Tiny patch
Today we’ve pushed out a small patch to address some bugs which should now be fixed.

Here are some notes of what have been fixed:
Spoiler: show
Bug Fixes
• Fixed a bug causing Bots not to interact properly in the Trainings.
• Fixed a bug causing the HUD Health and Energy bars not to display correctly in Trainings.
• Fixed a bug that forced players to restart the training to achieve certain achievements.

Reward Windows
• Will now correctly display tooltips on gems and medallions.
• Will now correctly inform the client when unlocking multiple instances of the same item

Last week the Starladder season 3 finals were held in Kiev. The finals were between MiF and MouseOne where the russian team MouseOne took home the prize!

One year ago, this weekend, we released Bloodline Champions on Steam. Therefore we’re running a sale on the Steampowered weapons! Get them at 60% discount!

Also the midweek sale this time around is the Carnival Psychopomp Outfit at 75% discount!

Weekly #42!

Posted: 2012-10-17 By: Tau - Permalink - Forum Post

This week Starladder is running their Season 3 final in Kiev. As before you can find top European teams participating. This time around it’s MiF who’ve fought their way to Kiev.

For more information about the event, visit starladder.

This week you can get Celebrate Emotes at 50% discount!
A couple of new Runic Weapons have also been released in the marketplace!

It's not that much information this week, but it's also the week just after a patch, so to make it a bit more interesting we're running a Blood Coin Boost weekend!
Between 12:00 UTC on Friday October 19th until 12:00 UTC on Monday October 22nd the Bloodcoin gain from games will be increased by 50%.

There will be a tiny patch next week to fix some issues from last week's patch. Just so you know.

Take care! <3
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