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Patch 2.5

Posted: 2012-06-20 By: khct - Permalink - Forum Post

New Tank Bloodline - Sentinel

Hammer Slam (MB1)
Deals 130/150/170 damage on consecutive hits and reduces healing received by 6%/12%/18% stacks 3 times.

Stone Grapple (MB2)
Deals 140 damage, inflicts a 2s 33% Slow, a 0.5s Stun and pulls the Sentinel to the target. This ability can be used on solid objects and allies resetting its cooldown. The cooldown reset can only occur once every 3s.

Crumble (Space)
Travels to target location, deals 100 damage and inflicts a 2s 30% Slow on nearby enemies after a 0.9s delay. This ability can be triggered a second time during the delay causing the Sentinel to knock his enemies into the air for 2.0s instead of inflicting Slow.

Molten Surge (Q)
Charging attack that fires a massive bolt. The bolt deals 100 - 240 damage on direct hit and 50 - 120 damage to enemies near the impact location and inflicts Molten Shackles, preventing ability usage and slowing movement speed by 33%. Molten Shackles lasts for 0.5 - 2s depending on charge time and breaks after absorbing 80 damage.

Fissure (E)
Creates a fissure in a line in front of you that erupts when hitting a solid object or after a 0.6s delay. The impact deals 120 damage, knocks enemies away and inflicts Earth Shiver reducing damage output by 40% and reduces movement speed by 15% for 3.5s.

Spirit Ward (R)
Negates the next projectile, melee or direct area damage attack directed at the Sentinel within 0.8s. Negating an attack removes all negative effects and unleashes a spirit towards the attacker, the spirit inflicts Taunt. The Sentinel also charges his hammer with energy, reducing damage taken by 40% for up to 3s. next melee attack consumes the effect and does 140 bonus damage and incapacitates the target for 1s.

Overdrive (F)
Enters a state of Overdrive. Dashes forward toward target location dealing 210 damage and slightly knocks target back. The Overdrive ability can be used multiple times during the next 5s without the need of any energy.

Crushing Blow (EX Q)
Area attack that deals 220 damage and greatly knocks nearby enemies back.

Healing Surge (EX E)
Charging attack that fires a healing surge that explodes on target location. The healing surge heals nearby allies for 180- 380 health. The Sentinel is healed for the same amount when the projectile is fired. Healing increases with the time spent charging.

Matchmaking System Changes
- Removed the standard queue and replaced it with the rated queue.
- Removed level and party restriction for the rated queue.

The matchmaking system will now put players into a lobby straight away instead of having players wait in a queue. The lobby will fill up as the matchmaking system finds suitable players until the lobby is full. If a player leaves the lobby the system will replace that player with a new one instead of throwing all other players back into the queue. The new matchmaking system will be used for Solo Rated Arena & Scenario.

- The gameplay Tutorial will now automatically start the first time a user logs in.
- The Play button will now display "Back" while in the Play Menu.
- Improved the self cast functionality to better handle fast key presses.
- Interrupt spell casts by moving is now disabled as default but can be enabled in the options menu. Players already playing should not be affected by this change (no need to change the settings).
- A lot of network optimizations has reduced the network traffic significantly. This will will help to reduce the packet loss, latency and give an overall better gaming experience.
- Added a crash message for when a XNA 3.1 .dll-file is missing that explains that you must re-install XNA 3.1.
- Players can now use the Connection feedback feature after a game (when enabled):
This will analyze the network connection between your game client and the game server. You will also be able to provide the name of your ISP as additional data. The goal with this feature is to provide better experience for you and all other players in Bloodline Champions.

- The SwarmEX debuff should now be correctly dispelled by other side and similar spells.
- Fixed a possible trait exploit. (thanks to Sachen for reporting this)
- The "Win X Games as Dryad" achievements should now count correctly.
- Fixed a possible animation artifact when blending two animations.
- Fixed a possible black screen issue when losing connection to server while connecting to it.
- Fixed a possible crash error when failed to reload textures after alt-tab.
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