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Patch 2.4

Posted: 2012-04-18 By: khct - Permalink - Forum Post

New Healer Bloodline - Dryad

Song of Despair (MB1)
Sends off magical tones that do moderate damage and inspires Confidence in yourself, increasing movement speed.

Soothing Melody (MB2)
Sends off magical tones that heal an ally for a moderate amount of health.

Nature's Aegis (Space)
Move the mouse cursor over yourself or an ally when casting to shield them from damage. The shield rotates toward their cursor position and negates projectiles and melee attacks that are blocked by the shield.

Nature's Wonder (Q)
Grows a magical grove at the cursor position that slightly slows enemies in the area.
Does moderate damage, amplifies damage and slows enemies within the grove when a nearby enemy is hit by Song of Despair.
When Soothing Melody is cast near the grove, it pulses with energy and heals nearby allies for a small amount of health.

Suggestive Tune (E)
Fires suggestive tones that allow you to control an enemy's movement. Pressing the button again will cancel the effect and paralyze the enemy.

Nature's Companion(R)
Sends a forest wisp towards the cursor position that heals nearby allies and damages nearby enemies. When the wisp disappears, it immobilizes nearby enemies.
Pressing the button again after casting will pull you towards the wisp, destroying it.

Wild's Vengeance(F)
Calls upon the destructive powers of the earth spirits to transport you in the direction of the cursor position, doing massive damage to enemies and throwing them away from you, paralyzing them as they land.

Leaf Blower (EX Space)
Creates a shield around you that rotates towards your cursor position, reflects projectiles that are blocked by the shield and knocks back enemies.

Purify (EX R)
Fires a raging earth spirit that removes positive effects and does moderate damage to enemies near the impact. Removes negative effects from allies near the impact and heals them for a moderate amount of health.

New Player Statistics Window
Observers can now easily bring up a window displaying the average bloodline statistics a player has had during his career for his current bloodline, and compare those stats with his current performance throughout the game. To display this window, observers can right click the player frames in the top right and left corners in the Observer HUD, alternatively press and hold CTRL for warm team or SHIFT for cold team, and press Numpad 1-5 depending on which player you want in that team.

Bug fixes and improvements
Fixed a bug causing the Scrolling Combat Text to display incorrect values
Killing blow/over kill texts and over kill particle system should now work properly again
Stone Form, Nurturing Roots and similar spells now negate debuffs instead of dispelling them after they have been applied
The correct particle system and ability names should now be visible when casting an EX-ability
Fixed a Favorite Bloodline bug that would set the last played bloodline as favorite bloodline after disconnecting from a game
Fixed a bug that caused auto-AFK to not work properly
Fixed a crash that could occur during a match
Changed solo/party queues to use Grade instead of a hidden matchmaking rating
Fixed a bug that caused weapons to disappear if alt-tabbing during load time while in full-screen
Fixed an issue that caused the screen to turn purple after alt-tabbing/dragging the game to another screen
Fixed an issue what would cause the game to freeze/crash after alt-tabbing/dragging the game to another screen
Fixed particle issues for Seeker M1, Stalker M1 and some other abilities.
Combat log now displays both your damage and healing done as well as received.

Bloodlines & Abilities


Blood Grip (M2)
Silence duration is now 0.5s-0.8s depending on distance travelled


Runic Beam
Reduced width by 40%~
Delay increased to 0.7s from 0.6s
Immobilize duration reduced to 1.2 from 2 seconds
Immobilize now breaks on damage

Storm Caller

Emperors Wrath (F)
Damage increased to 340 from 280

Lightning Shield (R)
Duration up to 2.6s from 2.5s
No longer fires the projectiles when the shield duration ends
Now explodes when the duration runs out and shocks nearby enemies for the shields remaining health and heals self for the same amount


Slayers Rush (Space)
The effect is now only removed when using Menacing Slash

Harvest Blood (Q)
Now always does the same amount of damage even when consuming Open Wound
Damage and Healing increased to 130 from 110
Maximum Healing when hitting multiple enemies up to 200 from 180

Enrage (R)
Fixed a bug where Enrage didn't properly negate Black Dagger

Debilitating Strike (EX M2)
Fixed a bug where Debilitating Strike sometimes did more damage than intended


Enlarge (EX R)
Fixed a bug causing Enlarge to grant energy when dealing damage and knockbacking nearby enemies

Metal Warden

Iron Claw (R)
Now reduces energy gained from hitting a shielded target by 75%
Energy gained from projectile attacks up to 3 from 2
Bolt Velocity increased to 380 from 350
Velocity and range of bolts is now displayed in the tooltip

Metal Blast (M1)
Velocity up to 230 from 220

Energy Leash (E)
Now has a 0.3s delay before it activates. Upon activation all enemies inside the area are affected by Magnetize; Reduces Projectile speed by 40% for 3.2s
Duration up to 2.3s from 2s


Rocket Jump (Space)
Area down to 28 from 35
Damage down to 120 from 150


Fire Arrow (M2)
No longer triggers Immolation area effect when negated
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