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Posted: 2011-06-15 By: Ilves - Permalink - Forum Post

This is mainly a bugfixes and tweaks patch before the DreamHack Tournament. Therefore there are no big Ability reworks and only smaller tweaks, we will look into doing more major changes to Bloodlines and Abilities after DreamHack if we believe it to be necessary.

The Grimrog is now available in matchmaking and tournament games
The Grimrog is now available in the Marketplace for 600 Funcom points or 17 000 Blood Coins

Added two new Titles that are given to all players. The titles are "Looking for Clan" and "Looking for Team"
When viewing a Replay the Play Again button at the end of the Replay now correctly restarts the Replay.
It is now possible to limit the FPS by changing UpdateFpsLimit and DrawFpsLimit in the BloodlineChampions.ini file.

New outfits, weapons and emotes added to the shop
New tournament avatars added
New tournament weapons added

Outdated replays can not be loaded in the new patch, to view old replays you will need to backup your bloodlinechampions.exe. You can also grab the old bloodlinechampions.exe from your Patches folder in your Bloodline Champions folder. Remember that you will not be able to login when you use an old bloodlinechampions.exe to launch the game and you can only view replays locally. When backing up your bloodlinechampions.exe you can rename the file to something else, you don't need to replace your standard bloodlinechampions.exe.
Fixed a bug causing some players to not receive the 5 Showcase Slots when buying a Replay Pack. All players should now have the correct amount of Showcase Slots.
Fixed a bug where players could give Replays invalid names and therefore not be able to download/view them.
Fixed a bug causing local Replays to not get removed from the local Replay list correctly.
Fixed a bug causing the Replay controls to stop working when hiding the GUI.
Fixed a bug causing players to start moving when in the intro camera pan when viewing a Replay.
Fixed a bug causing the spin camera to stay disabled if disabling it while viewing a Replay/Observing a game
Fixed a bug where players having max number of highlighted Replays couldn't remove any Replay from the highlight list.

General Bugfixes
Fixed a bug causing certain versions of Fraps to stop working.
Latency should now be correct for players that have reconnected to a server.
The player in the first lobby slot should now correctly be the one that selects map in map voting.

Bloodlines & Abilities

Fixed a bug causing certain shields and debuff effects to cause additional damage to a target when stacked with amplify effects on rare occasions.
Fixed a bug with absorbing and amplifying spells not being correctly displayed in the combat log.

Melee DPS

Spear Master

Now inflicts Immobilize after being reflected

No longer pulls target after being reflected


Blood Grip
Fixed a bug causing Blood Grip to not impact after being reflected
Silence duration down to 0.8s from 1s

Nether Shift
Now heals the target of Nether Shift instead of the Harbinger when cast on an ally

Nether Strike
Silence duration down to 1s from 1.5s.


Slow factor from follow up M1 down to 30% from 50%



Crushing Strike
Damage down to 11/12/13 from 12/13/14

Meat and Eat
No longer inflicts Incapacitate
Now inflicts Concussion; Incapacitates target for 1.8s, damage breaks this effect, the damage source that breaks the effect is reduced by 50%.


Battle Shout
Now heals 24 health instead of 14 health + 10% of lost health


Sweeping Strike
Energy gain down to 8 from 9

Fixed a bug causing Disperse to not reset cooldown of Intervene when affected by Disturbance

Chain Heal
Energy gain down to 5 from 6



Illusion can no longer be dispelled



Lockdown no longer locks cooldowns during the incapacitating effect


Solar Charge
Solar Haste factor down to 15% from 33%
Haste duration down to 2s from 3s
Solar Charge can no longer be dispelled

Moon Burst
Projectile collision size down to normal projectile size

Blood Priest

Dark Prayer
Cast time down to 0.6s from 0.7s
Healing down to 20 from 22


Curse of Weakness
Fixed a bug causing this spell to impact at the Grimrogs position if casted near a wall

Healing Ward
No longer reduces damage taken from the Sudden Death fog

Fixed a bug causing Curse effects to be visible outside line of sight
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