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Patch 1.1.1

Posted: 2011-04-19 By: Ilves - Permalink - Forum Post

• If you login during easter you will get an easter gift!

In the first version of the Clan system you will be able to create and manage your own Clans in the Bloodgate giving you access to a private clan channel with a customizeable Clan Message of the Day as well as a Clan tag displayed next to member names. A Clan consist of one Owner and an unrestricted amount of Managers and Members. The Owner can promote Members to Managers which will give them access to invite and kick players from the Clan. The Owner can also disband the clan or hand over ownership to another Member.

Matchmaking Updates
• Score changes when playing with or against players/teams in placement will be reduced for non-placement players/teams.
• Team Grades have been added to teams, which is intended to display an estimated skill of a team. Team Grades are calculated based on the average grade of all players in a team and instantly changes whenever a team member rises in grade.
• The Team Career menu and the all lists of teams have been slightly modified to display Team Grades. Additionally, player grades are now displayed in the lists of players in Solo Career divisions.

Tournament System Updates
• A new visible player status has been added which displays if a player is playing in a tournament.
• League requirements have been removed from all tournaments.
• Restrictions to Amateur and Pro Tournaments are now based on Team Grades. This means that the participation of teams with experienced players should now be close to nil in Amateur Tournaments.
• The addition of Team Grades also means that teams no longer will have to play placement games to enter Super tournaments.
• Matches in the tournament brackets are now color coded depending on the teams participating in the match. If you are in the match, the match will become blue and if you have either an online friend or an online clan member in the team it will become green.
• The observer cap has been removed from tournament matches and observers are now connecting to a different server than the actual game server.

• New outfits added
• New weapons added
• New emotes added
• New titles added

Season Rewards
• The unique titles that were awarded for finishing at first place in each League except Diamond League have been removed.

GUI Updates
• Added season history to the player profile
• Added match history to the player profile
• Game Lobby Updates
- Minor GUI Changes have been done to give more space for team names and Bloodline Selection.
- Dropdown for changing the difficulty of bots has been removed to give more space for Bloodline Selection. To change the difficulty of a bot you can press the Bot Button on each lobby slot.
- The GUI for selecting bloodlines have been reworked. The tab functionality has been removed and Bloodlines are now sorted in columns depending on their archetype.

Options Layout Slightly Revamped
• A new Social tab has been added to the Options Panel. A few of the old options suitable for this tab has been moved there.
• New Options:
- Display Observer Chat. By disabling this users can hide what observers are saying in the observer chat.
- Display whispers during DND. Lets the user choose whether or not he wants to receive the whispers during DND.
- Display Whispers In-Game. Lets the user choose whether or not he wants to see whispers while playing.
- Display Clan Chat In-Game. Lets the user choose whether or not he wants to see the clan chat while playing.
• Due to this slight revamp, the following options will become reset to their default values: Only Show Friend Invites, Extended Chat History, Display Friend Achievement Notifications.

Chat Update
• New chat commands have been added, giving you easier access to several features.
• A complete list of chat commands can now be found in the Knowledge Base.

• The following chat commands have been added for managing your availability:
- /dnd <optional message>. Toggle the DND mode (Do Not Disturb). While DND whispers you receive will be automatically replied with an system message.
- /sdnd <optional message>. Toggle the SDND mode (Selective Do Not Disturb). SDND works just like DND except that SDND allows whispers from friends to pass through.

• The following chat commands have been added for sending chat to different channels:
- /game <message> or /g <message>. Chat in the [Game - All] channel.
- /team <message> or /t <message>. Chat in the [Game - Team] channel.
- /clan <message> or /c <message>. Chat in the [Clan] channel.

• The following chat commands have been added for easier clan management:
- /claninvite <username> or /cinvite <username>. Invite a user to the clan (Owners and Managers can do this)
- /clanmotd <message> or /cmotd <message>. Set the message of the day (Owners and Managers can do this)
- /clanleave or /cleave. Leave your current clan
- /clankick <username> or /ckick <username>. Kicks target member from the clan (Owners and Managers can do this)
- /clandisband or /cdisband. Disband your current clan (only Owners can do this)

• 12 new achievements have been added
• The achievements to obtain diamond quality items have been changed to only require one diamond quality item, down from five.
• The achievements to obtain gold quality items have been changed to only require three gold quality items, down from five.
• Achievements related to items have been moved from the general category into an new item category.
• An issue where the achievements related to winning rated games on different maps have been resolved.
• An issue where the achievements related to collecting items didn't include all appropriate item categories have been resolved.

• Maximum Grade you can reach in Custom Game is now Grade 10, down from Grade 15. People who already have obtained higher grades through Custom Games will of course keep them.
• Optimized a lot of network packets which will reduce the amount of data sent/received.
• Resent messages now displays the amount of resent messages during the last 10 seconds.
• Screen shots are now correctly saved in the format specified in the BloodlineChampions.ini file.
• Observer chat is now displayed with an [Obs] prefix.
• The amount of won/lost rounds should now be displayed correctly in the scoreboard when joining a game in progress.
• Added support for particle effects on emotes. Added some particle effects for some old emotes.

General Bugfixes
• Fixed a bug where players sometime get awarded too much Score during qualification. Affected players and teams have had their Score reduced to the correct number.
• Fixed a crash bug when trying to start the game without a sound playback device.
• Fixed a bug causing observers to get a black sreen during the first round of a match.
• Fixed a bug where the reward screen didn't become visible if a team forfeited during the intro camera sweep.
• The in-game match timer should now be more synced with the server.
• Fixed a bug in the lobby where it was playing a lot of sounds and resetting the bloodline selected.
• Fixed a bug causing the energy bar to be visible even though the player was invisible.
• Player names and bars should no longer be visible when being behind the camera.
• The scoreboard now shows the correct match/round time and stops counting when the match is over.
• Fixed a bug when updating stats and achievements for a team matchmaked game that ends due to w/o in the lobby.
• Fixed some bugs with the particles. For example Alchemist's shield should now be removed correctly when the player is not in line of sight.
• Fixed a bug with calculating rank after a game. The old rank and new rank should now be correct.
• Fixed a couple of bugs with the Join in Progress support.
• Fixed a bug causing the "Win x amount of matches on map y" achievements to not work correctly.

Bloodlines & Abilities
• Projectiles that throws targets into the air no longer triggers if the target is trancing (ie Blood Grip, Stalagmite)
• Fixed a bug causing a few projectile attacks to travel ~2-4% further than stated in the tooltip
• Fixed a bug causing target player spells to become uncastable on targets affected by blind.
• Several tooltips have been updated with missing information
• Rune of Released Energy and Rune of Power should now properly increase healing done
• Certain abilities are now tagged as Mobility Abilities (mostly teleports, dashes, leaps, etc)
• All beam abilities should now work while being blinded and they should also be more optimized now.
• Reworked all "bouncing abilities" to always be correctly represented on the client as well as being more optimized.
• Laugh sounds when killing other players should now be correctly located at the killers position instead of the victims position.
• Players will now correctly play their hurt sounds when being hit by certain spells.
• Optimized all spells that uses projectiles to send less data.



Harpoon (MB2)
• No longer jumps to the target if the harpoon is tranced

Ranid Assassin

Lunge (R)
• Range reduced to 57 from 74


Spike Strike (MB1)
• Damage up to 14/15/16 from 12/13/14
• Casttime up to 0.4s from 0.3s
• Cooldown up to 0.4s from 0.35s
• Energy gain up to 7 from 6
• A graphical effect added to both maces when hitting consecutive attacks
(DPS stays the same but stun rate is reduces due to the attack speed nerf)

Crude Strike (E)
• Knockback range now increases with distance dashed, knocking target away 65 - 115 yards changed from a set range of 115.


Shadow Strike (E) – Moved to MB2

Dual XBow (MB2) – Removed

Barrage (EX - MB2) – Removed

Black Dagger (E) – New Projectile Ability
Deals 6 damage and inflicts Nerve Poison; Immobilizes target, reduces damage and healing done by 75%, reduces damage taken by 75% and reduces energy gain from enemy attacks by 75%. Lasts for 2.5s.

Puncturing Strike (Q)
• Dashes down to 2 from 3
• Casttime down to 0.2s from 0.4s
• Damage per dash up to 7 from 5

Slice & Dice (EX Q) – New EX Ability
Dashes back and forth 3 times dealing 7 damage and inflicts a 1s Incapacitate.


Sword Strike (MB1)
• Energy Gain up to 8 from 7

Grappling Chain (MB2)
• Disturbance debuff now depends on range travelled 0.5s - 1.5s changed from 1.5s flat

Dragoon Strike (Space)
• Min/Max range changed to 45-75 from 75 flat
• Damage increased to 18 from 14
• Energy Gain up to 5 per target hit from 3
• This ability can no longer hit enemies behind collision objects (walls, trees, etc)

Drunken Haze (Q)
• Cast time slow down to 20% from 33%
• Area down to 18 from 24
• Range down to 108 from 122
• Velocity down to 240 from 260

Roundhouse Kick (E)
• Incap duration up to 2s from 1.4s
• Now deals 6 additional damage when breaking the incap effect with the second kick

Drunken Brawler (F)
• Now becomes immune to movement impairing effects such as stuns, incapacitates and slows
• Knockback force slightly reduced



Fire Beam (EX - M2)
• No longer plays a sound or create a particle system on allies inside the beam

Living Flame (R)
• No longer turns the Igniter immaterial
• Now absorbs enemy attacks healing the igniter for 25% of damage done
• Cooldown down to 10s from 11s

Flame Mist (EX - R) - Removed

Molten Shackles - New EX (E)
Projectile attack deals 12/8 damage and inflict Molten Shackles; Silences target, reduces movement speed by 50%, reduces damage taken by 100% and energy gained from enemy attacks by 75%, breaks after absorbing 24 damage or after 2.7s. The projectile bounces between enemy champions up to 2 times, each bounce reduces damage.


Stealth (Q)
• Duration down to 2.4s from 3s
• Cooldown down to 10s from 11s


EMP Blast (E)
• The damage from this ability no longer triggers Inhibitors Rune Shield Explosion or Raveners Spike Shield Explosion when dispelled

Tractor Beam (EX - Q)
• Now interrupts movement during the cast (The Tractor Beam will now always be initially casted towards the direction the player is aiming)
• No longer plays a sound or create a particle system on allies inside the beam


Multishot (Q)
• Cone Angle reduced by ~25%

Blitz (Space)
• Cooldown reset now puts this ability on a 1s cooldown instead of 0.5s

Illusion (R)
• Can no longer be double casted

Marksmanship (F)
• No longer resets cooldown on Blitz, Multishot and Illusion
• Ice arrow can now be double casted by consuming Seeker’s Grace during Marksmanship



War Strike
• Knockback slightly reduced when consuming Rage stacks

Shield Slam - Moved to Q
• Now does a mini dash
• knockback range slightly increased
• casttime down to 0.3s from 0.4s

Reflect - Moved to R

Intercept (EX Q)
• Casttime up to 0.3s from instant
• Cone Angle reduced by ~30%


Madness Strike (M1) – Renamed to Crushing Strike
Now deals 13/14/15 damage on consecutive hits and inflicts Armor Break; increases melee damage taken by 6% and projectile damage taken by 4%, stacks up to 3 times.

Stalagmite (M2)
• Casttime down to 0.4s from 0.5s
• Target should now land in front of the Glutton instead of on the Glutton
• Damage down to 16 from 18

Rush (Space)
• Damage down to 8-18 from 10-28
• No longer stuns enemy
• Range slightly decreased
• Casttime down to 0.2s from 0.3s
• Now applies Bad Temperament when reaching target destination; increasing movement speed by 25% for 3s.
• Cooldown down to 7.5s from 8s.

Eat (Q) – Renamed to Meat and Eat
Now hits his enemy with the meat stick in a cone attack dealing 10 damage and inflicts a 2s incapacitate. After attacking the Glutton takes a bite of his meat healing him for 18 health

Revitalizing Wind (EX - E)
• Delay before impact up to 0.5s from 0.1s

Stone Shield (R)
• Now usable on allies
• Max absorb down to 34 damage from 46
• Duration down to 1.6s from 2.5s
• No longer deals area damage when dispelled

Aftershock (F)
Is now a channeling effect, casts 4 shockwaves over 2.2s each dealing 16 damage and inflicts Slow; slowing movement speed by 25% for 4s. Area decreased to 14 from 22.

Onslaught (EX Space) – Removed

Meat Bolt (New EX Q)
Projectile attack dealing 22 damage and inflicts a 2.6s Incapacitate.


Rune Shield
• Stun duration down to 1.2s from 1.5s

Runic Discharge
• Area down to 16 from 20


Root Bash (M1)
• Damage down to 13/15/17 from 14/16/18

Fungal Spores (M2)
• Initial Damage down to 12 from 14
• Bonus Damage down to 5 from 6
• Weaken Factor per Stack up to 15% from 10%

Fertilize (EX - MB2) - Removed

Death Spore (New EX - E)
Projectile attack deals 22 damage and inflicts Weaken; reduces damage and healing by 75% for 1.5s

Treacherous Roots (R)
• Now usable on allies
• Max absorb down to 34 damage from 46
• Deadwood Seed debuff duration down to 0.7s from 1.5s
• Entangle duration down to 0.8s from 1.5s
• Duration down to 1.6s from 2.0s
• Cooldown down to 10s from 11s

Dead Roots (F)
• Area down to 14 from 16



Barrier (Space)
• The 15% movement speed increase effect only applies when the barrier is cast on self

Deadly Injection (E)
• Slow duration before impact down to 2.4s from 3s.

Instant Injection (EX - E)
• Single target impact damage down to 17 from 20


Mind Transfer (Space)
• Now triggers all trances

Mind Flux (EX - Space)
• No longer triggers any trances


Aurora (EX - MB2)
• Now always applies the Aurora buff on self when cast instead of on the target you are healing

Astral Beam (F)
• Damage and healing up to 38 per second from 34

Blood Priest

Dark Prayer (MB2)
• Now uses the same area / healing reduction as all other healing spells.

Swarm (EX - E)
• Now breaks incapacitating effects
• Damage per tick down to 7 from 9

Corpse Explosion (F) - Reworked
• Now casts 3 area spells over 2.4s dealing 18 damage and inflicts Insects on nearby enemies and heals nearby allies for 25 health.
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