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Winter Holiday Baking Contest 2011!

Posted: 2011-12-15 By: SeismicAssault - Permalink - Forum Post

Its finally time for the winter holidays baking contest that weve been waiting for at the office!

You are to do any kind of bake, but it must combine the BLC theme with the holidays.

For example: a BLC styled cookie house. Here the cookie house itself is pretty iconic for the winter holidays and fills that requirement, so it just needs to be BLC styled.

Or you could go with a generic cake, but then it must have a motif/sculpt that is related to both BLC and for example the New Year celebrations!

1. Coolest pastry/bake wins!
2. Must be both BLC and winter holiday related!
3. There will be 3 winners, prizes are as follows:

1st Place: Rudo the Red-Nosed Outfit, a Winter Weapon of your choice, the Mark of Winter Medallion and the Fireworks Medallion.

2nd Place: Rudo the Red-Nosed Outfit, a Winter Weapon of your choice and either the Mark of Winter Medallion or the Fireworks Medallion.

3rd Place: Rudo the Red-Nosed Outfit and a Winter Weapon of your choice.

All Winners: In the spirit of giving, each winner will also get to give away 2 additional Winter Weapons to other players they choose!

4. You will need to host your video/image somewhere. or a regular file host like and the like will work just fine for movies, for images, you can go with or similar.
5. You submit your entry by linking to the movie, or embedding pictures, in a post in this thread!
6. Have fun! :D
7. You give us the right to use your submission in news, articles and other advertisement upon submitting the entry.
8. Competition will close on 2012-01-01 18:00 UTC
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