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Replay System

Posted: 2011-05-18 By: Shelt - Permalink - Forum Post

With the release of Patch 1.2 we are introducing the first version of the Replay System! To be able to store replays you will need a Replay Pass. The Replay Pass is included in both Champion and Titan Editions and can otherwise be unlocked as a separate service for 600 Funcom Points or 20 000 Blood Coins. Saving replays is a direct bandwidth cost and that is the reason why this service needs to be unlocked.

Once a replay has been stored on the replay server you can download it and store it locally on your PC from your profile page. You can't store replays from a Tutorial or Single Player server. A replay stored on the replay server will expire after 7 days so make sure you download the replay to your disc before it's removed! A replay downloaded to disc will always be available unless removed manually. There is currently no support for running old replays; running an old replay may result in errors.

Every player with a Replay Pass also has access to a number of Showcase Slots (Champion Edition - 5 Slots, Titan Edition 15 Slots). A player can choose to showcase his saved replays via his Profile, showcasing a replay will give any player access to download and watch it via this players profile page. A showcased replay will not expire. Additional showcase slots can be purchased in the Marketplace.

When watching a replay you can slow down and speed up the game speed, you can instantly jump between different rounds of the game and you can pause the replay whenever you like. You also have the same camera options as when you observe a game; you can move around freely, zoom and pan the camera with the arrow keys, lock the camera to a player, or enable the smart camera. All camera controls are bound to hotkeys.

Users without a Replay Pass
Full support to view downloaded replays.
Unlimited download support of replays stored and showcased by users with a Replay Pass.
Able to download and view Replay files that are uploaded on community pages, etc.

Users with a Replay Pass
Full support to view downloaded replays.
Unlimited download support of replays stored and showcased by users with a Replay Pass.
5 Showcase Slots to start with (15 for Titan users).
Access to store your replays on our replay server after a game.

Possible Future Replay Updates
Possibility to view replays from older game versions.
In-Game Tournament Games automatically store a replay that can be accessed via the bracket.
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