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Happy Easter! We celebrate with free stuff and a patch!

Posted: 2011-04-19 By: Tau - Permalink - Forum Post

Happy easter everybody!
We celebrate by giving away free stuff!

So make sure to log in during easter to get your Eggniter outfit reward! You get to choose one of three Eggniter outfits, and if you would like them all you will be able to purchase the other two in the shop during easter.


To stay on the easter theme, we're releasing chicken emotes for all bloodlines.
Buy them all in the Easter Chicken Sale-pack and you'll get 75% discount during easter.


More new items have also been added to the marketplace, for more information, read the Shop Update.

In this patch you will also find:

  • A clan system!
  • Tournament system updates
  • Matchmaking system updates
  • Some new achievements
  • New chat commands
  • and much more!

Read the whole Patch Notes here

Happy Easter!
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