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Weekly #34!

Posted: 2012-08-22 By: Tau - Permalink - Forum Post

A bunch of stuff happening this week, a new patch will go live tomorrow, August 23rd. Along with the patch comes lowering of Blood Coin prices, new season and a remade training/tutorial system.

Patch 2.6
For full details on the changes in the client patch, you can find the Patch Notes here.

Blood Coin price reduction and Marketplace update
The items affected by the Blood Coin reduction are medallions, gems and some of the Bloodlines. The Blood Coin price for unlocking traits will be completely removed. We’re also lowering the Funcom Point price on Reaver, Grimrog, Metal Warden, Stormcaller to 480 Funcom Points.

New season means new avatars! This time you’ll find them available for tokens in the token shop! On top of that we’re also releasing weapons for Alchemist, Engineer, Glutton and Headhunter in the new Runic set which also is available for tokens.

On sale this week, starting from tomorrow, you can get a bunch of silver weapons at 50% discount.

Season Change
Since the patch got delayed a day the current season will run until tomorrow when the servers are taken down.
With autumn knocking on the door, tomorrow Season 6: Trees of Blood begins!


With the new season we’ll do a grade reset and a token conversion. So if you want to spend your tokens make sure to do it before we convert them.

For the new season we have some new token rewards available, so you get something fresh to gather for in the upcoming season! We’ll release additional rewards during the season as well, so if your favourite bloodlines weapon isn’t available at the start of the season it might be at the end so it’s still a good idea to play tournaments and collect tokens!
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