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Weekly #24, DreamHack Week! \o/

Posted: 2012-06-13 By: Tau - Permalink - Forum Post

So a lot of stuff is going on and there's still loads to prepare for DreamHack! Its so exciting!

To begin with, Sentinel!
See the first game play introduction of him at the start of the DreamHack Stream at 18:00 UTC on Saturday!

Preview phase of the Sentinel starts on Wednesday the 20th. Present us a hammer worthy of Sentinel and you get the chance to win him! Either in his Ultimate Preview pack, regular preview pack or just the Bloodline! You may create the hammer in any way you like: draw it, 3D model it, make it IRL and take a picture or what ever else ways you can come up with to impress us! Winners will be announced during the stream on Monday! More detailed information about the contest can be found here.

The brackets and seeding are prepared, there will sure be some interesting matches to watch!
Spoiler: show

Here is the schedule for both the Stream and the Booth. Random giveaways and contests will appear during the event! So make sure to follow!
Spoiler: show
(All times in local time for the event = UTC+2)
June 16
16:00 DreamHack starts!
18:00 BYOC sign up closes
19:00 Invited teams registration at booth closes
20:00 Stream starts! BYOC Starts! ( )
Talk to the Pros, Show off Sentinel, Follow BYOC, talk to the qualifying BYOC teams!
22:00 Stream ends

00:00 - 8:00 Come by the booth to play and win stuff!

June 17
9:00 Stream starts! ( )

Winner bracket
9:30 Match A and B
11:00 Match C and D

Loser bracket
12:30 Match 3 and 4
14:00 Match 1 and 2
15:30 Match 5 and 6

Winner bracket
17:00 Match E and F
18:30 Match G

Loser bracket
20:00 Match 7 and 8
21:30 Match 9
23:00 Match 10

00:00 Stream ends

00:00 - 8:00 Come by the booth to play and win stuff!

June 18
12:45 Finals played in DreamArena Extreme

14:30 Interview with the Champions
15:00 Stream starts ( )
Sentinel Show off, Contest submissions and more.
17:00 Stream ends

16:00 - 22:00 Come by the booth to play, test sentinel, win stuff and more!

During the event well of course also run some amazing sales!
All bloodlines and their accessories will be on sale sometime during the event! The set up of Bloodlines on sale will change every day! So make sure to check in every day so you dont miss your favourite!

Also were running a Boost Weekend, dual wield style!
Both XP and Blood Coin gain increased by 50% all weekend!
From friday 12:00 UTC - Monday 12:00 UTC.

Lots of love <3
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