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New approach and focus for BLC

Posted: 2012-04-01 By: Tau - Permalink - Forum Post

With the worrying announcement about WCG no longer supporting PC titles and with the great success with parts of the Manly Bacon tournament last weekend we’ve decided to take some new approaches to the development of Bloodline Champions.

New Game Mode
We’ll develop a new game mode around the “Catch the Ranid“ concept. The way the game mode plays is that one player gets put into the warm team and five others into the cold team. The player in the one man team is to choose a Bloodline and then try to get as many checkpoints on a map as possible. The “target” will have a buff to increase his survivability and to ensure a more balanced experience as well as match time not being too short. The check points light up to show the player where he needs to go, when he reached the checkpoint a new checkpoint lights up on a different location of the map. The other players’ directive is to kill the target; the player who gets the kill gets a reward. The target gets points for each checkpoint he reaches, and after the match the points are converted to a Blood Coin reward. Each game runs for 6 rounds and each player gets to play target once. The player who reaches the highest score during his round as “target” is the winner.


As you might suspect some bloodlines might need to be a bit rebalanced when this game mode has been implemented, we can expect changes to Alchemist for example.

New Platform
On top of this new exciting game mode we will also start working on a BLC Catch the Ranid client for Windows Phone 7, this decision has been made due to WCGs announcement about them dropping PC titles and focusing more on mobile platforms. So mobile is where the eSport scene is headed and at Stunlock we do not plan to fall behind. Since Bloodline Champions is developed in XNA, Windows Phone 7 is the natural selection for our development on a mobile platform. We hope to be able to implement cross platform so that the mobile players can join the same queue and play with the PC players in Catch the Ranid.

We expect the “Catch the Ranid” game mode to be finished in time for an early summer release and it will include matchmaking and full implementation in the tournament system.

New Tournament Sponsor!
For the upcoming tournaments we’ve gotten sponsorship from a world-wide fast food chain!

So are you a poor student? Have a hard time scraping together dinner? Only like burgers? Look no further!
Bloodline Champions is the game for you!

For the first tournament on the 7th of April we’ll have prize pool of
1st place: 1 double cheeseburger, big fries and a large drink for each team member
2nd place: 1 regular hamburger, medium fries and a medium drink for each team member
3rd place: 1 regular hamburger, small fries and a small drink for each team member
The prizes will be given out in coupons that you can use to collect at your local fast food place in the given chain.
(What chain we’re talking about is soon to be announced, we just need to finalize some papers and assets)
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