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Happy Birthday BLC! \o/

Posted: 2012-01-13 By: Tau - Permalink - Forum Post

It has been a whole year since release and today BLC turns 1 year old! Time really flies! So much has happened the past year and were looking forward to see how this next year will progress for our baby, Bloodline Champions!

And as you might know, we like to celebrate! You need to cherish small things in life, and really celebrate big cool things like this!

Make sure to log in to get your birthday gift from Bloodline Champions!

On top of that well also run a 25% sale on everything in the Marketplace*!

And last but surely not least, well thrown in an extra 50% Blood Coin gain over the weekend!
So make to to spend your time playing with us to celebrate!

Ooh also dont miss the in-game Happy birthday tournament!

You need cake to celebrate of course, and heres ours!

This is a really cool thing for us here at the studio: Our first ever released game both as a studio and as individual developers, and it has now been out for a year and its still kicking! Its really worth doing an online game over a single player one-off buy type of game, since you get to see your baby grow over such a long time, and grow with it!

We hope you guys will stick around for another year, love you all! <3

Note: Seismic thinks I use to many !, but Im always that excited so they are needed! He doesnt get me...

*except Bloodcoins and Bloodcoin boosts
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