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Patch 1.2 now Live!

Posted: 2011-05-25 By: khct - Permalink - Forum Post

Patch 1.2 is now Live, and it brings a few new exciting features and updates, like a new Bloodline, Replay system, new Season, and new shop items. Read more about it below.

New Bloodline - The Grimrog
The Grimrog Preview Package is now available!


Buy the Preview Package and get exclusive goodies, preview access and a discount!


The package contains the Grimrog bloodline, a gold weapon and an exclusive avatar and title that is only available in this package!

Get the package now and get instant access to try out the Grimrog Bloodline in Single player and Custom games.

This exclusive package will only be available until the full release of The Grimrog on June 15th.

Buying the package now will of course permanently unlock the Bloodline for you, and will still be yours after the preview period is over on June 15th.

The Grimrog will be available for Ladder and Tournament matches after the preview period.

Replay System
The replay system is now released! \o/

With the release of Patch 1.2 we are introducing the first version of the Replay System! To be able to store replays you will need a Replay Pass. The Replay Pass is included in both Champion and Titan Editions and can otherwise be unlocked as a separate service for 600 Funcom Points or 20 000 Blood Coins. Saving replays is a direct bandwidth cost and that is the reason why this service needs to be unlocked.

You can get replays pass and showcase slots from the in-game shop!

Read more about the replay system here.

Season 2 - The Battle Rages On
Season 2 has launched been launched, and with it comes the unique Season 2 Avatars.

Shop updates and sales
The shop has been updated with new items and sales.

Currently you can get the Rookie outfits at a 30% discount.

Also now available in the shop:
  • New Tournament weapons - Available for purchase with Tournament Tokens.
  • Armoured Astronomer outfit.
  • Lots of new titles, among them "The Hitchhiker"!
  • Season 2 Avatars.

Happy Towelday! Hope to see you in game, Hitchhiker! ;)
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